I Know What You Are Thinking!

Yes! Believe me, I do… because I’ve been there. Many times over.

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Now picture this.

I find something to read on a website and I really like it. It is useful. It is fun. It is something that I really, really, want. Yet, I balk at the thought of hitting the subscribe button. They write, “we won’t spam you”. I know they mean well and I jump right in. A beautiful welcome email lands into my inbox. Smile! 

Reality check! I soon find my inbox cluttered with a barrage of emails. There’s one every day, as long as my arm and then some. Sometimes there are two, even three in a day. Groan!! I find I can never read all of them. They begin to exhaust me until I finally start ignoring them. Then delete them unread. Then, one day, off they go into my spam folder… Sigh. Breathing space!

I hate cluttered inboxes with a million unread emails. Maybe I am just a nutcase or a little obsessed with getting things just so. I begin to wonder if I tend towards asocial. Whatever. I would rather lose a connection than my peace!

This kept happening to me regularly until I decided there’s probably something wrong with me. There must be people who like and thrive on this level of communication. Not me though!

Now, all this got my brain-cogs turning. I wondered what I could do to stay connected with my tribe, the people I love, without giving them a hard time. And I hit upon this idea… to bring to you this chat session once a month from my private inbox. No automated avalanche of do-not-reply crazy emails every day till the end of eternity, or until you are disgusted with me and decide to throw me into the spam folder. Instead, just the one every month from my private inbox. And very occasionally, a second one, if there is a book launch or a free book promotion coming up. A place for two-way communication. I don’t like the sound of my own voice too much. I want you to know that you can reply right back to me any time you wish. I love to hear what you have to say!

And… SIMPLY SYLPH was born.

Our very own newsy, gossipy fun chat-session every month. Fabulous freebies, links to free eBooks that you would love, upcoming celebrations so you can plan your posts around them, updates on all I have been doing, about what’s new on my Website and YouTube, the first look at my new books, discounted and free copies… the fun never stops! Click here now and join the SIMPLY SYLPH gang. And if you like, share this with your friends too. The more the merrier!

Yes, SIMPLY SYLPH. It’s not just a newsletter. It’s a relationship.

Poster telling all about SIMPLY SYLPH, the monthly newsletter from Manic Sylph aka Mona Soorma

Still wary of hitting the subscribe button?  Don’t be! I won’t spam you. Chuckle!! I really won’t. Join SIMPLY SYLPH right away. And if I go back on my promise, you can write back to say “Stop!” Or unsubscribe any time. Or just throw me into the spam folder. But I know you won’t because I like to keep my promises. I treasure my connection with you.

HOP ON! Let’s get going!

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