Book Review: Love Symphony by Mona Soorma

Love Symphony: A hundred refrains of love reviewed by ArtInCrochet (Sarika Jaswani)
Cover of Love Symphony by Mona Soorma, a book of micro poetry and thoughts

Title:  Love Symphony: A hundred refrains of love

Author:      Mona Soorma

Mona has many compilations and publications under her belt. She is a time-honoured and long-established author and poetess. This is Book II, the sequel to Love Notes Book I.

To her poetry is not only her creative egress but also her impetus to reach out to her followers who pocket her poetry as a quiet companion of their hearts needing to voice their feelings, in shenanigans or in times of hapless phase of life.

Love Symphony has three sections

The Light

The Night

The Twilight

The opening of The Light section is filled with poetry with sighs, aches, dreams and silver lights. The poetess has an exquisite flow of verses that are a medley woven for beating hearts. The platitude of verses stays brief yet it flows with depth that impinge upon heartstrings. The libretto transports a reader into a fond memory that brings warmth on a dreary day.

When ‘The Light’ reads to you as a cozy eiderdown throw, ‘The Night’ comes to you as a gracious, sympathetic friend. The words pick up a languorous tone to bring out the longing and yearning as if we are entering the night…..a wistful heart that has been forlorn finds an abode in the verses so well scripted for heart ailing from unrequited love.

‘The Twilight’ relates well to a poetic heart. It’s not all that can pick up a pen and write down their besotted thought on paper. However, all of us perceive and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. Ms Soorma captures the veneration of a beholden heart here. I could relate to the verses ———-

‘the gibbous moon———–across the night sky…for love never dies’

they end with a yearn that echoes long after we are done reading like a sweet aroma of rose that comes back to you with a fond memory.

Three-course delectable poetry to be treasured and passed on as a bequest to the family.

All in all a meritorious author with relatable poesy, all throughout, from start to end. A must-have compilation, of sincere, from the heart, written words.

ArtInCrochet (October 2020)

A million thanks to you dear Sarika for the lovely review. This got buried somewhere in the posts as I had to take a break due to my illness and I just discovered this when I was cleaning up my website. I apologise for the delay in posting it!

ArtInCrochet is a crochet artist who makes wide variety of crochet paraphernalia. Making crochet toys and stories for children are her favorite appurtenances. Besides writing blogs, ArtInCrochet sells handmade crochet items to raise funds for kids in need. Don’t forget to have a look at her fabulous items for sale on Etsy.


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