What’s The Mood Today? ~ LOVE NOTES

‘What’s The Mood Today?’ from the book LOVE NOTES

Welcome to the world of my published words. I am delighted that you chose to stop by and have a look.

Every Thursday, I share with you a tiny excerpt from one of my published books. Today, I bring to you a quote from my book LOVE NOTES. So, here goes…

What's The Mood Today?- Quote from the book LOVE NOTES by Mona Soorma

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4 thoughts on “What’s The Mood Today? ~ LOVE NOTES

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  1. Mixed moods, divided moods, different moods about different things. Small successes. Large concerns. Messy health. Sunny day. Body in pain. Got errands and laundry done. Body still in pain. Cat snuggling is comforting. Cats are 12 and 14 years old, how much longer will they be here to relish in and treasure their soft snuggles? This world is so mixed. This life is so mixed.


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