Writing Prompt #66

Welcome To Writing Prompts

A woman wearing flowers and butterflies in her hair and writing prompt 66 written on it

Do the words or the picture, or both, for the Writing Prompt #66 get your creative juices flowing?
Follow your senses, let the ink run on and create your masterpiece.

This is not a timed exercise and there are no rules. Just let your muse take over and create what you wish. Do share your writing or the link to it in the comments. I will add the links to the post so everyone can find them easily. Share the love forward. Link-backs to the Writing Prompt #66 would be highly appreciated.
Be Inspired. Happy Writing!


Image by Mystic Art Design from Pixabay


7 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #66

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  1. And now I’m up after midnight having just remembered while half asleep that I had wanted to save this to take to creative writers group in the morning. And print some copies to pass around for people to use.

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