Day 15: 5th April 2020

Happy Sunday!

I know a lot of us are under a lockdown or stay at home advisory. However, lockdown or not, a Sunday needs to be celebrated. I am sure you will enjoy this Sunday post on my Lockdown Journal.

The Lockdown Journal

It’s Sunday!!

Yes, Lockdown or not, a Sunday is a Sunday and must be spent with joy.

Here I am with a list of happy things amid the darkness.

The Italian Air Force has reshared a video of their team painting their national flag in the air set to music to boost the morale of their COVID-19 torn nation. The video has since been shared all across the world.

Talking of morale-boosting, India is poised to switch off all lights at 9PM today for nine minutes and people will light candles and diyas instead to signify light amid the darkness of disease. I am looking forward to that beautiful moment!

A hand holding a lighted earthen lamp Light amid darkness…

Plenty of good things are also happening as a result of the lockdown. The air in my very polluted city is clean. Squeaky clean!  So much so that my children have commented that it smells different and…

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