Day 8: 29th March 2020

Hello lovely people!
The world is a difficult place to be in right now and I hope you are keeping safe. Perhaps we need to escape to another planet in a distant galaxy to escape these little monsters! But until that could become possible, I am just washing my hands a million times a day and writing my lockdown journal.
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Thank you for being here for me! Love you all!

The Lockdown Journal

Sunday. A week has passed in lockdown and the days have begun to slide into one another. There is not much feeling that comes with the weekend, except for what the mind can muster up by looking at the calendar on the phone.

Enforced captivity is a strange thing, an amalgam of quiet, calmness and anxiety all merging together. There are moments when one takes over the other, and I am trying to keep the anxiety moments to the minimum.

The weather is a yoyo, veering between warm and cool from one day to the next, a time when the common cold always makes its presence felt. Right now, every little sniffle feels like a dire predicament, what with the doomsday predictions that are the stuff news headlines are made of. However, the vibe in the street is of a timeless quiet, a neutral void, and that is definitely a…

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10 thoughts on “Day 8: 29th March 2020

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  1. Our world and it’s people are precious. There are profound reasons and simple reasons, why things happen. However, explanations can reach infinite proportions regarding, why. For the families and friends of people who have lost their lives due to this pandemic of epic proportions, may God bless. Yes, these are catastrophic times of uncertainty. However, behind all matters there is a solution. Hopefully, the world will become a-little-more empathetic.

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    1. Yes my friend, empathy is definitely hoped for. Thank you for your prayers and words of inspiration in this time of need. Sending blessings and prayers you way too… God bless!


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