You are a woman and that is your power!

Who are you?

Perhaps, you have asked yourself this a number of times. Maybe, at times you wonder if the real you is the one who works tirelessly for her family or the one who just wants to give up and escape to a mountain where nobody can find you, at least for a few days!

You are the caring, loyal and trustworthy friend, partner and parent who carries the weight of the world on her shoulders. You are also the carefree, fun-loving, wild creature who is not afraid to make her own rules. A rocking diva, an unkempt imp, a hardworking boss, a lazy vagabond…

A smiling woman wearing a yellow sweater, with Happy Women's Day written on the picture
You Are A Superhero. Own It!


Why do you have to be labelled?

You are NOT just one of these. Not even two. You are ALL of these. And more.

You are the sunshine and the dark night, a tempest and the gentle spring. You are every colour of the rainbow. Above all, you are human. Sometimes you fly. Sometimes you hurt. Sometimes you just want to hide in your shell and let the world pass you by. But in each of these roles and moods, you are beautiful. You matter. Own it! Don’t let anyone pull you down.

Hold your head high, wear your crown with grace and remember, you are enough. You are worth it.

You are a woman, and that is your power!

Happy Women’s Day!



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