My Crazy Mind’s Antics In The Near Past

A Very Happy New Year to all my friends, followers, random visitors…

Balloons on black background with Happy New Year 2020 written on it

Image by Bella H. from Pixabay 

It is rather late to be sending out new year wishes but at least it is still the first month of the year! I would have been here sooner but an overthinking mind can be a devil’s cauldron bubbling with all manner of things and many of them, not conducive to life being a fairy tale.

I can cite a million reasons for not interacting as much as I should have, but really, procrastination has no excuse. Practical life has been intruding a little too much into my ‘writer’s world’ and that kinda halts the ink in midstream. It is another matter that I would rather write than eat, figuratively speaking. It is also another matter that the growling stomach tends to take priority over things, in general. Though now, I can feel the itch of the ink returning, and that is definitely a good thing. I hope to become a hermit at heart once again and speak only to my computer, and the dog at times!

However, that is just my thankless, unsociable alter ego trying to take over! Plenty of interesting things have been happening as well. I have been involved, by choice, and by the compusion of the creative mind, in a lot of other new things, learning about the world of SEO and how stuff works in the search engines’ basement being one of them. It was a pleasant surprise to find my onsite SEO results are about 70% which for a complete novice is quite an achievement. There are a lot of things that I can’t help unless I migrate to a paid site, which I cannot do at least at this point in time, so I have to let that go for now.

I have also been learning more about working on new (for me) video editors, something I really enjoy, and hope to be able to create nicer videos as I go along. You can have a look at my newest one here and tell me what do you think.

Which brings us to the reason this video is here- my new book of micro poetry called LOVE SYMPHONY. This is the second in the Forever Love Series and I hope many will enjoy it in this upcoming season of love (Valentine’s day!) and beyond.

Another milestone achieved is crossing the 10K follower mark on twitter. I had been rather obsessed with it, wishing it to happen before the new year arrived but alas, it happened a few days late. But it did happen, and a few days don’t really make much of a difference except in my head. I am happy to have reached this far and it is a nice foundation to build even more dreams upon.

Now, hopefully, it will be back to reading all the lovely poems and posts that I have been missing for so long. (Fingers crossed!) And a lot more writing. And there’s a whole lot of poetry that needs to be brought into its final shape but my editor’s hat is lost for now and until I can find it again, this will have to lie in my overflowing to-do basket of gargantuan proportions.

Two hands clinking bottles

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

‘Thank you’ from the bottom of my heart for bearing with my idiosyncrasies. Cheers to renewed friendships and happy days ahead!



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  1. May you enjoy days of writing and learning new things!
    Always a pleasure to read you, discover your inspiration of the day and your prompts on friday.
    Take care Mona and thank you for your wishes – never too late!

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