Writing Prompt #46

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A man walking with a small boy and writing prompt 46 written on it


Do the words or the picture, or both, for the Writing Prompt #46 get your creative juices flowing?
Follow your senses, let the ink run on and create your masterpiece.

This is not a timed exercise and there are no rules. Just let your muse take over and create what you wish. Do share your writing or the link to it in the comments. I will add the links to the post so everyone can find them easily. Share the love forward. Link-backs to the Writing Prompt #46 would be highly appreciated.
Be Inspired. Happy Writing!

Image by 4144132 from Pixabay


3 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #46

Add yours

  1. New Age

    Walking to the dawn of a new age
    Burning to ash is the old page
    Gone, the feelings of old
    New faith as light unfolds

    Ideas fresh across the mind
    New life we hope to find
    Doorways lead to open air
    No longer to sit and stare

    Walking to this day of light
    Arising from shadows of night
    Feelings I keep above the ground
    Until, nothing but love is found

    Glen Giles

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