Writing Prompt #43

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Horse and rider and writing prompt 43 written on it


Do the words or the picture, or both, for the Writing Prompt #43 get your creative juices flowing?
Follow your senses, let the ink run on and create your masterpiece.

This is not a timed exercise and there are no rules. Just let your muse take over and create what you wish. Do share your writing or the link to it in the comments. I will add the links to the post so everyone can find them easily. Share the love forward. Link-backs to the Writing Prompt #43 would be highly appreciated.
Be Inspired. Happy Writing!


Image by Johannes Plenio from Pixabay 

Writing on prompt #43

The post titled Writing Prompt #5 by Latmospherique Do read this beautiful poem!



5 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #43

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  1. Toward the horizon, she rides
    Behind her
    The impossibility of refuge
    So, she clutches the mane
    Digs her heels to the belly
    And rides
    Perhaps she and her steed
    With the nudge of the wind
    Will eventually find solace

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