POETRY REVIEW: Sleep, Tiny Dreamer by Shanita Allen

Title:             Sleep, Tiny Dreamer                   Sleep tiny dreamer sleep

Author:        Shanita Allen

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About The Author

Shanita Allen is the author of the Let’s Go Dreaming children’s book series, which inspires young minds to dream big and allows readers to see the world through the eyes of Little Ari and her talking dog, Pepper. The Let’s Go Dreaming series is a collection of 9 books that teach lessons about acceptance, diversity, friendship, special needs, and bullying.

​Shanita is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with a Master of Science degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from the Florida Institute of Technology and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Florida State University. She has 16 years of experience serving individuals with Developmental Disabilities.

Shanita is a native Floridian and loves to travel. She has visited several countries around the world including China, Spain, and Denmark. One of her books, Let’s Go Dreaming: Journey to Paris, was inspired by her trip to France.


Book Blurb

“Sleep, Tiny Dreamer.
Where will you go tonight?
Will you swim across the ocean?
Or will you take a flight?”

This bedtime story poses the question of where will your little one go in their dreams and encourages them to think of all of the endless possibilities.

Sleep, Tiny Dreamer is Shanita Allen’s first book in the “Let’s Go Dreaming” series. It is a sweet bedtime story full of hope and innocence…inspiring young minds to dream big!


The Review

“Sleep, Tiny Dreamer” is a very sweet little poetic story for children. Written simply, it has a soft and inviting tone that is bound to captivate the children and adults alike.

The story is rhythmic and the rhyme makes it beautiful to read aloud. The children are also introduced to new words that make it a pleasurable read as well as a learning experience.

The illustration is extremely attractive and creates spellbinding visuals. It is easy to relate to and also fires the imagination of children.

The book subtly encourages the little ones to dream and teaches them that their imagination can take them far.

To everyone who needs a gift for tiny tots, this is one book you can depend on.



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