Fall Blues!

Woman sick with fever lying in bed

Hi friends

Sometimes life reminds us to take it slow…

Until the bug playing in my veins decides to leave, I would not be able to get to your posts much. But I will be back very soon. Until then, keep showing up here, it feels wonderful to have such beautiful people around.

Happy days and take care!


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      1. I don’t either, so let’s see what Google finds.
        It appears that Wiktionary considers wordsome a legitimate word,

        From word +‎ -some.

        wordsome (comparative more wordsome, superlative most wordsome)

        Characterised or marked by words

        1971, The New York Times Biographical Service, volume 2, page 4331:

        In possibly the most succinct capsulization of his wordsome gospel, Mishan declared recently: “I am not one of those who believe that the original Luddites were wholly wrong.”

        1997, Duane R. Nedrud, The Supreme Court and the Law of Criminal Investigation, III:

        There are, of course numerous cases to be found in SCCL that are not included in this volume. Using such the black letter law helped to make the volume less “wordsome” (burdensome).

        2017, Kevin McIlvoy, 57 Octaves Below Middle C, page 56:

        It didn’t have words, but it had emitted a wordsome gurgle.”

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