POETRY REVIEW: Tales Of An Un-Zipped Heart by Venus Beverly

Title:                Tales Of An Un-Zipped Heart                              Tales Of An Un-Zipped Heart

Author:          Venus Beverly

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About The Author

Venus Beverley is a poet/author from South Florida.
She pens heartbreak with a melodic healing balm.
Her poetry takes you on a journey of love and heartbreak that leaves you rooting for redemption.

She strives always to be conscious that the glass is half full.
It is her dearest wish for all humankind to travel in the footprints of love.


Book Blurb

Tales Of An Un-Zipped Heart is a roller coaster of raw un-edited emotions. It’s a collection of leftover goodbyes and hibernating demons. The journey of a Scarred Heart continues. Hold tight for the twist and turns.


The Review

Tales Of An Un-Zipped Heart is a very vivid and poetic depiction of the pain that the heart endures. The book is a mixture of long and short poems and opens on some beautiful short verse that serves as a wonderful introduction to what lies ahead. The imagery, the words used to paint word pictures are very imaginative and bring the world of the poet alive for the reader.

Her poetry is freestyle and she does not use any capital letters. There is a lovely rhythm to the poems that is a pleasure to read. Even though the subject is ‘pain’, the poetry is soft and inviting, and does not leave a bitter aftertaste of hurt feelings.

The book is divided into six sections- Monsters and Demons, Scarred Heart, Time After Time, Barriers between Us, The waning Light, Secrets Kept, and The Remnants. Each deals with its own manner of struggles that the heart goes through when it encounters rejection.

It is difficult to mention one favourite because there are so many lines I loved here. However, without giving away the whole book, I choose to quote the very short poem Empires as an example of what you might expect…


arms .

The book is very well put together. The only thing that doesn’t work for me is the vertical writing of the section-names, though that is my own personal choice. But apart from that, I found the book a captivating read without being too heavy to bear. Venus is a poet whose words touch the reader’s heart and I would definitely love to read more of her work in the future.


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