To New Friendships…

A person listening to radio
Of times gone by…


I am thinking of old times… missing people, missing moments, and missing old songs. In those days not so long ago, Google Plus was still home for a huge group of us poets and poetry lovers. It would not be wrong to say that I learnt a lot of my craft from those wonderful poets who opened their hearts to me.

Woman's hands searching through vinyl records
Finding something that fits the mood

There was something about that group, an easy camaraderie, a feeling of oneness and a love that was truly cherished. Wednesday was my day to post an oldie and most often my choice was a love song. I remember that my song collection with 3000 odd followers was almost as popular as my poetry collection. However, the songs were a lot more fun, and I can still visualize all those friends who would be posting their own songs, almost in conversation with mine…

It is not the moments or things that are special. They are made special by the people who we share them with.

Today, I am sharing an oldie with you all, as a way of saying “thank you for making a place in your life for me!” I hope that these strains of love will touch your hearts, spark new friendships and birth beautiful moments that will hold a special place in our memories for years to come… and maybe, bring some answering songs to my page as well!

Wishing you a fabulous day full of love and laughter!


7 thoughts on “To New Friendships…

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  1. i agree dear Manic…i too had millions of views and thousands of friends on G+…it was a great way to share and get to know others…i like MeWe but somehow it is a much different feeling. oh well life goes on regardless and thank you for shaing this oldie it is great…perhaps you will share your oldie friend (me) one day when i too am gone xoxo

    here is my video on Celtic Goddess do enjoy

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    1. Those were some great times Carolan…but yes, life moves on and I am never one to regret, but to embrace what comes!
      MeWe is not the same, I have somehow not been able to settle there. But you are a cherished friend, and I hope you we will stay here together for years to come…
      Thank you very much for sharing that awesome poetry of yours ♥♥


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