Poems Without Words

Hey! It’s a glorious morning, a little bit of sun, a few clouds… and it’s #WorldPhotographyDay!

And why do I love this day? Because I love to take pictures. Yes, that is another one of my favourite things to do. Thank God for the great phone cameras, at least I don’t miss my camera at the sight of every flower, wild mushroom and a dog lolling his tongue! Well, I do miss it, but the intensity is not too bad.

Isn’t it said that pictures are worth a thousand words? I agree.

When I am not writing poetry, I am creating poems without words with my camera.

Rain falling on leaves
Drops Of Heaven

This day finally gave me the push to restart my old photography blog called “Focal Blurs”, now renamed Manic Sylph Photography and once again visit my account at National Geographic. I did like the old name better but I felt that it wasn’t very easy for people to realise what the blog was about from just the name. We win some and lose some, sigh!

I would love to post pictures more often, but time always runs faster than I can. I don’t know how long I will be able to keep to some kind of a posting schedule, but I am tentatively committed to posting when I can. Hopefully! Fingers crossed…

Do have a look, I’m sure you will enjoy a few light moments with me and my camera.

Have a wonderful new week ahead!


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