Celebrating Poets – Shantanu Baruah


Hey Friends! Como estas?

Steeping my soul in poetry is feeling so beautiful… and I am having a difficult time trying to sort out which poet will come next. So I decided to keep adding those who probably expect it the least on that given day! Am I succeeding? Well, most of the time, but most importantly, I am loving it and so are a lot of others.

Today, I choose a poet whose work I have been admiring a lot for the past some months, especially in the light of the many beautiful words he uses in his poetry. Sometimes, I need a dictionary, but that is a wonderful brain workout too!

Shantanu Baruah… a fabulous poet, a wonderful person, and such creativity in his words… He has a lot of poetry on his blogs Ckonfab and Afflatus and I know that you will have a tough time choosing your own favourites.

For now, I bring to you one of his short poems, read it, enjoy it, and visit his pages to slake your thirst for more!

via Her Aberrant Stance


He held her with all might,
but like sand sifting through a fist,
or shadows disappearing
under some mist,
she escaped,
and before he knew,
she vanished from his pretentious sight, for she was a desire,
an abstruse thought,
an aura to feel,
not to limit within the boundaries
of any societal rife

© Shantanu Baruah




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