Celebrating Poets – Fiery

If words could kill…and words could make you immortal…

Well, her words can! She is a poet beyond compare, one whose work I will never tire of reading. She is well known around WordPress, but for those who have still not been touched by her, a look at her blog Silently Smouldering Words would have you hooked for life.

Now, how to choose only one of her poems… it is next to impossible. They are all fabulous. So I just tossed a hundred sided coin and picked a gem.

Fiery… with her poem Within A Metaphor

via Within a Metaphor

Within A Metaphor

I sit within a metaphor,

It holds me in its mind.

I pour myself a glass of hope

In love songs that I find.

I sing a verse of stolen time,

And kiss the notes goodbye.

Intoxicated on a word

Of summer in your eyes.

I cry a tear and watch it burn 

The poems of my lips,

Whose ruby words have reached you on a dream of

quantum rips.

I make a wish on waves of stars

That wash away your blues.

I follow maps of soulful paths

Collecting fate’s small clues.

I sit within a metaphor

I touch its lyric floors.

I weave a satin kiss of love

And hold my breath

Until I’m yours



10 thoughts on “Celebrating Poets – Fiery

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  1. My dearest…thank you so so much for this! I have been away as you know and couldn’t show you the appreciation this deserved!
    You are so kind and sweet glowing with your beautiful words about me. I’m beyond humbled. Thank you a thousand times.
    Sigh. You made my day

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