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Word of the day- limn

Her upper body flows in arcs: Her softly curved right hand under her chin echoes the position of her left hand, draped over her leg — together the two arms limning an off-center, tilted heart shape.

It is pronounced ‘lim’, but you pronounce the ‘n’ in limning.

If you use WORD OF THE DAY ~ Limn in any of your writing, please share the link or the work itself in the comments. I will add the links to the post here so the others can find your work easily. 
We all would love to be inspired by your creativity.


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  1. Hmm, now that I know about it, I want to find out where it came from. And there’s a good website for that kind of thing.
    “early 15c., “to illuminate” (manuscripts), altered from Middle English luminen, “to illuminate manuscripts” (late 14c.), from Old French luminer “light up, illuminate,” from Latin luminare “illuminate, burnish,” from lumen (genitive luminis) “radiant energy, light,” related to lucere “to shine,” from PIE *leuk-smen-, suffixed form of root *leuk- “light, brightness.” Figurative sense of “portray, depict” first recorded 1590s. Related: Limned; limner.”

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