For a poet, every work is like a beloved child, none any lesser than the other. However, my book “you make me SPILL MY INK” is very close to my heart.

When I asked Isabel to review one of my books, I had no idea she would choose “you make me SPILL MY INK”. And that she would write such a beautiful review…I’m truly honoured!

cover paperback 2


The lady writes…

“Mona Soorma’s way of formatting these poems into dairy entries, that allow her to talk to her muse, is wonderful. She gives you a feeling of peace when reading her poetry and since it’s set in the months of the year you really get a feeling of the seasons rolling into another and when her muse strikes the most.”


For the complete review “Click Here

You can also find some of her lovely poetry, among lots of other reviews on her site Rainy (Book) Reviews & Poems.

I hope you will enjoy reading her pages.


7 thoughts on “SHE HONOURS ME SO With Her Words…

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      1. Haha! I mean…I’d love to. With your permission and I promise I will gush praise for you and give you full credit all over my intro to the poem when I manage to write it. Ah…my poetry wheels are turning…

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