Are you worried about age stealing your beauty?

Are you worried about age stealing your beauty? Have you ever wondered if the passing years are in some way diminishing you as a person? I too have fallen prey to that at times. Most often, we worry about our age showing on our faces. Every wrinkle can become a source of anxiety and we... Continue Reading →

Poem Of The Day (11th May 2019)

EVANESCENT I am A wisp of the frolicking wind I dance to joyous themes... Welcome to my Poem Of The Day. It is a pleasure to have you here. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Please do leave a comment, your support and criticism are equally appreciated. You can leave an anonymous comment if you wish, (just... Continue Reading →

Happy Women’s Day

What can a poet do but write more poetry for anything and everything under the sun! It is Women's Day today, and I decided to open the doors to the heart of a woman. Take a peek... I'm sure you will enjoy it.

THE YEAR THAT WAS and the year that will be…

  Another new year around the corner... Sometimes, it seems the year has flashed by in an instant. At others, even a moment seems neverending. However, another 365 days of life gone by, and the thought of a new year does make me ponder upon what has been achieved. Life is a rather difficult balancing... Continue Reading →

The Jar of Happiness: Count Your Blessings This Christmas

There's something special about Christmas, something warm and loving, something giving and forgiving, that leaves no heart untouched by its beauty. To me, Christmas is not just a festival, but a spirit that transcends all religions and nations, a blessing, a hope of peace and joy, and I absolutely love it. I am not a... Continue Reading →

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