“It has been said that art is a tryst; for in the joy of it, maker and beholder meet.” ― Kojiro Tomita Poetry is a very personal thing. It becomes a thing of beauty only in the eyes of the beholder. No two eyes see the same thing in the same way, and that is true... Continue Reading →

The Perks Of Being A WRITER

Writing is a tough job! Well, not the writing part. That, as I often say, is easy. It is the rest of it, especially when you are an indie writer, that really ties you up in knots. Being a wife and a mom is already a full-time job. So is trying to be the editor,... Continue Reading →

DON’T BE A GOOD WRITER- Be The Best There Is

So you love words. I do too, as every writer should. Writing, at least all good writing, is and should be, a labour of love. That is the difference between making the reader read and enjoy, and making the reader laugh and cry with you. That's what I have always wanted to do with my... Continue Reading →

GETTING PUBLISHED: An Indie Author’s Journey From Obscurity To The Edge Of The Madding Crowd

It was time! These three words can turn around a life in a million different ways. This is how I can best describe my fast-track journey from being a poet to being a published poet. It would be wrong to say I had never thought about getting my work published. Who wouldn’t? I had often... Continue Reading →

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