Books Beyond Boundaries: Writing for a Cosmopolitan World

The internet and digital books have fulfilled the dreams of millions of writers. It has opened up so many new markets at the click of a mouse. We cannot write or read as we used to twenty years ago. Not if we want to take advantage of having the world at our fingertips, literally. We need to evolve to keep up with the changing face of communication and the literary world. Do you want to be a successful writer in today's world? Here’s how.

Word For Dummies: Easy Editing Tips For Writers And Students

Every writer knows the agony of editing, especially when you are one of those who just know enough about MS Word to write and save your manuscripts and documents. I am not too tech-savvy either, just a self-taught writer from a generation who had never seen a computer for half their life. So, for everyone who is a computer dummy like me, here are some easy writing and editing tips that I often use to save time and headaches.

Words: Little differences that could make you sound very wrong!

Languages can be cunning things! They hide words that could make you sound ignorant with very little effort, especially when it comes to the nuances for a non-native speaker. 

Let us look a little deeper into some words that are actually quite similar and often used interchangeably, but might mean something quite different.

How Not To Kill Sentences With Adverbs

How would you like your coffee made...quickly or in a jiffy? But I'm sure you would like to drink it slowly err... savour every sip to the last! There you have it- those deadLY words that turn your awesome story into mundane chatter. Stories struggle, not always because they are not good, but often because... Continue Reading →

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