Books Beyond Boundaries: Writing for a Cosmopolitan World

The internet and digital books have fulfilled the dreams of millions of writers. It has opened up so many new markets at the click of a mouse. We cannot write or read as we used to twenty years ago. Not if we want to take advantage of having the world at our fingertips, literally. We need to evolve to keep up with the changing face of communication and the literary world. Do you want to be a successful writer in today's world? Here’s how.

Top Tips: How To Support A Writer Without Spending Money

You would love to support writers. Right? The most obvious way: Buy their books. But you can't buy all the books of every writer. Right again! Writers understand that too. They wouldn't want you to break your bank either, but of course they do need your love and support as a reader. Can that be... Continue Reading →

3 Easy Steps To Improve Your Writing With Imagery

Imagery, simply put, is the use of words to recreate a world that is not only seen but felt deeply with all five senses and also produces an emotional response in the reader.

Brain Exercises to Prevent Memory Loss and Improve Mental Fitness

We often tend to think that we are exercising our brain enough. But we need to do much more. We need to vary our brain's routine and include many different kinds of tasks to give it sufficient stimulation to grow.

Word For Dummies: Easy Editing Tips For Writers And Students

Every writer knows the agony of editing, especially when you are one of those who just know enough about MS Word to write and save your manuscripts and documents. I am not too tech-savvy either, just a self-taught writer from a generation who had never seen a computer for half their life. So, for everyone who is a computer dummy like me, here are some easy writing and editing tips that I often use to save time and headaches.

Words: Little differences that could make you sound very wrong!

Languages can be cunning things! They hide words that could make you sound ignorant with very little effort, especially when it comes to the nuances for a non-native speaker. 

Let us look a little deeper into some words that are actually quite similar and often used interchangeably, but might mean something quite different.

500 Lit Magazines Where You Can Submit Your Work

Hola! Happy Autumn beautiful people! I hope the changing seasons are bringing colour to your life and writing. The other day, I came across this list of Top 500 Most Influential Lit Magazines by Mumber Mag and I thought I needed to share this with you. I know a lot of writers would love to... Continue Reading →

WRITING NUMBERS: Easy Style Guide For Writers

Writing numbers in fiction and prose is rather complex, mainly because opinions vary. Even though it hasn't really given me any sleepless nights because there is not much call for writing numbers in poetry, it assumes greater importance in the writing of fiction and other forms of prose writing. Most writers agree that they are... Continue Reading →

How Not To Kill Sentences With Adverbs

How would you like your coffee made...quickly or in a jiffy? But I'm sure you would like to drink it slowly err... savour every sip to the last! There you have it- those deadLY words that turn your awesome story into mundane chatter. Stories struggle, not always because they are not good, but often because... Continue Reading →

Let’s have an ‘AHA MOMENT’- Build A New Word

Sometimes, inspiration strikes. Sometimes, we poke and prod at our brains to produce that spark. Whatever. The result is gratifying, though. Often, as writers, or even otherwise in the course of our daily living, we do find ourselves wishing for words to aptly explain what we are feeling. I personally do keep groping for enough... Continue Reading →

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