LOVE SYMPHONY: #1 New Release on Amazon!!


My latest book LOVE SYMPHONY is #1 New Release on Amazon! I am over the moon… It is a happy moment to have my second book after Breathless to touch the top spot.

God is good!

Thank you, everyone, for your awesome support!

Love Symphony by Mona Soorma #1 New Release on Amazon
The #1 spot once again!

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    1. Wow!! That’s is really grand! Delighted to hear that, and honoured, when such a thing is said by someone whose writing I admire… One day I hope to see your book on Amazon ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. I’m so frustrated with how my health has been getting in the way of progress on it – again.

        Have been able to go to our local creative writers group meetings, when they aren’t cancelled by snow and ice!, and do the 20 minute timed writing to prompts exercises, but maintaining the length and depth of focus required to edit my book, and/or to create new work from the notes for the incomplete sections, has not been happening for a few months now.

        I can go stick model parts together for 5 to 10 minutes about every 3rd day, but writing is a rather different ballgame from sticking together parts somebody else made according to instructions somebody else has provided.

        I’ve kind of given up hope of that; but is that just the way I feel currently because of frustration, or have I really given up hope of finishing it? I’m not sure. Maybe that unsureness is itself a symptom of frustration. Right now I’m really, really, hating these neurological and endocrine diseases and how they get in the way of living life.

        Oh well, life goes on. How will tomorrow be?

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